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Occupational Course of Study

Students following the Occupational Course of Study entering ninth grade for the first time in 2021-2022 must pass the following 22 credits plus any local requirements:

Four English credits that shall be: 
  1. English I

  2. English II

  3. English III

  4. English IV

Four Mathematics credits that shall be: 
  1. Introduction to Mathematics

  2. NC Math I

  3. Financial Management

  4. Employment Preparation IV: Math (to include 150 work hours)

Three Science credits that shall be: 
  1. Applied Science

  2. Biology

  3. Employment Preparation I: Science (to include 150 work hours)

Four Social Studies credits that shall be: 
  1. Founding Principles of the United States of America and North Carolina: Civic Literacy

  2. Economics and Personal Finance

  3. Employment Preparation II: Citizenship 1A (to include 75 work hours)

  4. Employment Preparation II: Citizenship IB (to include 75 work hours)

One Health and Physical Education credit: 
  1. Students are required to successfully complete CPR instruction to meet Healthful Living Essential Standards as a requirement for high school graduation.

  2. Accommodations/alternative assessments for students identified by ADA or IDEA will be provided.

Two Additional Employment Preparation Education credits, which shall be:
  1. Employment Preparation III: Citizenship II A (to include 75 work hours)

  2. Employment Preparation III: Citizenship II B (to include 75 work hours)

The work hours included in Employment Preparation I, II, III, IV shall be as follows:

  1. 150 hours of school-based training work with activities and experiences that align with student's post school goals, and

  2. 225 hours of community-based training, and

  3. 225 hours of paid employment or 225 hours of unpaid vocational training, unpaid internship, paid employment at community rehabilitation facilities, and volunteer and/or community services hours.

  4. Total work hours:  600

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