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Exceptional Children

CSS Exception Children Department Head Contact Information:  (704) 295-0137 
JoHannah Miller (

1. Child Find:

Child Find [link to NCDPI EC Division Child Find page]

What is Project Child Find?

An effort coordinated by your local school system and the

Exceptional Children Division, State Department of Public

Instruction, to:

*Locate and Identify children and youth ages birth through 21 with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services

*Inform parents and/or guardians of the services available from their local school system and other state and community agencies.

Who Are the Children?

Children and youth who have been diagnosed or are suspected to have intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities and are unable to benefit from a regular school program without special assistance.

What Help is Available?

*A complete evaluation and, if appropriate,

*An Individualized Education Program for children with a disability beginning at age three.

*An individual Service Plan for each child with a disability birth through 2, or

*A referral to other agencies when needed.

For further information regarding Child Find or if you suspect your student may have a disability and need special education and/or related services, please contact: JoHannah Miller ( 704-295-0137

2. Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education: NC Notice of Procedural Safeguards:

Parent Rights & Responsibilities in Special Education: NC Notice of Procedural Safeguards [link to EC Division webpage where this information is located – English/Spanish]

This handbook is designed to support families with the understanding of the rights and responsibilities specific to the special education process. Acronyms and terms often used in special education and resources can be found in the appendices.

If, at any time, you suspect your student may have a disability and is in need of special education and/or related services, you may request an evaluation, in writing, to your student’s school principal, teacher, or [local EC Department].

3. EC Division Website

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Exceptional Children Division [link]

The mission of the Exceptional Children Division is to ensure that students with disabilities develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and vocationally through the provision of an appropriate individualized program in the least restrictive environment.

4. New to CSS

Welcome. If you are new to Charlotte Secondary School and have questions about special education, please visit our website or contact JoHannah Miller ( 704-295-0137 .

In order to make your student’s transition into Charlotte Secondary School go smoothly, it is very important to provide your student’s new school copies of the following information during registration:

  • Most recent psychoeducational report, eligibility, evaluation and/or reevaluation report;

  • Current individualized education program (IEP); and

  • Contact information for your student’s previous school and school district.

  • These items will support a successful transition between your student’s old and new school and will ensure that appropriate services and supports are made available.

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