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Our Board

Our board is comprised of volunteers, parents and community leaders who believe in the mission of Charlotte Secondary School. Their purpose is to work closely with and provide leadership and direction to the head of school, faculty and staff.

The Charlotte Secondary School Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month via zoom. All meetings are open to the public. Public board meetings focus on governance and policy-making while individual committees identify and research strategic areas of school improvement. 

Scheduled Meeting Dates:

9/6/23 In person/hybrid

10/4/23 In Person/hybrid

11/1/23 In person/hybrid

12/6/23 Zoom

1/10/24 In person/hybrid

2/7/24 Zoom

3/6/24 In person/hybrid

4/10/24 Zoom

5/1/24 In person/hybrid

Want to join our board?

Interested in serving on our board? For more information, feel free to inquire during school hours or send an email to

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